Jim's Storage Adelaide & Melbourne

We at Jim's Removals understand storage and are able to assist our customers with many options which can be tailored to your needs.

  • Traditional Self Storage

    Traditional Self Storage can be arranged at a location close to your final destination. Self Storage at Jim's provides a variety of unit sizes and of course, you provide the lock and key so you can access your goods.

  • Containerised Storage

    Containerised Storage where we come to you with our certified storage container and load your goods for storage off site. This is a cheaper storage option than Self Storage because access is limited. You receive an itemised list of your inventory loaded into.

  • Jim's Porta-Box

    Jim's Porta-Box is a convenient storage module delivered to your home, for you to load, we collect the Porta-Box when loaded and storage it in our secure warehouse. Suitable for smaller quantities and for businesses for records and surplus stock. Jim's Porta Box is the most economical storage option around.

With these three options available to you, we are certain we have one for you at the price that suits your budget. Call us today on 131 546 to find out more about our storage options.


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